How Can You Book?

We have an E-Commerce Booking Experience Just like shopping at one of your favorite retailers online.


Do We Offer Instant Prints?

Yes, We Print Hi-Resolution Photos in seonds. Guests can text, email, and upload photos directly to social media instantly!

How much space is required for setup?

Depends on if you are booking a Backdrop or LED Inflatable Booth. Props are on a 6Ft Table (Not Included in Dimensions).

Backdrop- 8Ft. W x 8Ft. H FootPrint

LED Inflatable Booth- 10Ft. W x 11Ft. H FootPrint

Do We Provide Props?

Of Course, we do some of the best. We don’t just bring any type of props. Props are selected based on your event. (If you are having a Baby Shower majority of the props will reflect baby shower. We do Custom props as well.

Are We Insured?

Yes. Most vendors require proof of insurance. Make sure any vendor you are using has insurance.

Do We Do Outdoor Events?

Yes, as long as we have access to power and an inclement weather backup plan.

Do We Require A Deposit?

Yes, Only a 30% Non- Refundable Deposit and a signed contract is required to Book & Secure your date. The deposit secures your date and removes it from our availability calendar. The deposit will be applied to your Total Balance Due.

Does Everyone In The Photo Get A Print?

ABSOLUTELY! We do not believe in sharing photos! We provide (1) Print for each person in the photo. We provide unlimited photo sessions so each guest can come back and take as many photos as they want.

Does The Inflatable Led Cube Booth Have Noise?

Yes, It has minmal noise, aslong you have music playing you will not be able to notice.

What Time Do You Arrive For Setup?

We come 90 mins prior to your Event Starting Time. We do not setup during an active event. We have large amounts of equipment that is brought in and out during setup as well as the amount of noise and distraction it causes which is very disrupting to any event.

What Is An  "Idle Hour"?

Idle Hour is when the Photo Booth is setup and presentable but not taking photos. This is best for events with speeches, break-out sessions, and or strict agendas.

Typical Event Times

7-8 PM – Cocktail Hour/Meet-In-Greet

8-9 PM – Dinner /Speeches

9-12 AM – Party/ Dancing

5:30 PM Arrive for setup.

We would start taking photos at 7 PM for cocktail hour, Closed during dinner (Idle Hour). 9PM Photo Booth open until the end of the event at 12 AM. This would be Our Highly Recommended 4-Hour Package with 1-Idle Hour. You can choose when you want the Idle Hour.

How ‘UNLIMITED’ Is Your Photo Booth Rental?

UNLIMITED! Take as many photos as you want and print as much as you want.

How Do We Receive The Photos?

Instantly with on site prints and via email or SMS

How Do I Check If We Are Free For A Particular Date?


Can We See Ourselces As We Take Photos?

Yes you can!

What Is The Quality Of Your Camera?

Professional grade DSLR and Latest Ipad Software