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Thank you again for choosing to partner with us for your event! 
We’re excited to provide a fun and memorable Photo Booth rental for your event attendees! Please see below for some of our important Photo Booth requirements and reminders.
If you have any questions, please contact us at


  1. The photo booth needs to be set up in a 10 ft x 10 ft space on flat and even ground within 5 feet of a grounded outlet that fits a three-prong extension cord. 

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Backdrops are 8x8
Min Ceiling Height 10ft
Booth 4-5' from backdrop
36" Cocktail Table
4' Slideshow Table
6' Prop Table

2. The photo booth should should avoid being near Food & The Bar these areas tend to be busy the entire event and will cause bottlenecking.
3. The photo booth should not be set up under harsh overhead lighting, or (near windows if possible) because it will affect the lighting in the photos.

4. Please confirm that your venue has WiFi available (public WiFi will not suffice.) While we will provide a WiFi hotspot we cannot guarantee it will work in some locations due to spottiness of cell towers and signals. (worst case scenario, images will be sent out after your event is over once we get the photo booth back to our office and connect to WiFi.) Please note our AI background feature only works if WiFi connection is strong.

Outdoor Events Only

5. The photo booth has to have an on-site popup tent available in case of weather changes. You are able to provide your own tent or we can provide one for an additional cost. When temperatures are over 95°F there is a chance that the photo booth will overheat therefore the photo booth must be shaded at all times. 


1. Our team will arrive onsite approximately 2 hours prior to your rental start time. Unless otherwise agreed. Upon arrival they will text/call the Event Contact you share on your Logistics Questionnaire and begin loading in and setting up. 

2. During your active rental time our team will assist with operation of the photo booth, manual lighting adjustments, poses and answering event attendee questions. We let the Emcee/DJ know to announce “Don’t forget to take your photo at the photo booth” a couple times throughout the night. 

3. Breakdown will begin at your rental end time. We do not do hard shutdowns - closing the booth with a line of guests and turning them away. We include a 15 minute grace period to wrap the line up at rental end time. We also let the Emcee/DJ know to announce a last call "To take your photo at the photo booth” 15 mins prior to end time.


1. The next business day we will email you all the images taken, and will include the link to the online gallery.  

Remember, our team is here to help make your event and photo booth experience a success! 

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