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Hart Of The City Photo Booths

For A Experiential Photo Marketing Campaign

Photo & video experiences can be a powerful marketing tool that can help strengthen brand presence, build customer loyalty, and reach larger audience. We create strategic brand experiences that engage consumers and create a lasting impression of your brand. 
Attendees have fun while sharing their branded photos through their social media creating  thousands of organic, online impressions. In addition to providing an engaging and interactive experience for event attendees, we generate valuable marketing data!
Best St Louis Photo Booth Rental Company
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First-hand interaction with a brand or product has the power to establish life-long customers. Our goal is to provide a turnkey marketing solution that makes a lasting impression on the people that matter the most to your business.

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Guest Data Capture

 Attendees can input their email address, or phone number to receive their photos and helps you stay connected with your guests after the event while being GDPR complaint.

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Event Analytics

In- depth event breakdown such as total shares, share status, views, reach and impressions. Providing measurable ROI for your event. 


Custom Surveys

 Surveys are an effective tool that brands can take advantage of by asking specific data you want to capture from each guest.

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Incentivize your attendees with our Spin To Win Contest Mode. It is a great way to maximize engagement and increase guest participation. Winners will receive a automatic notification and you'll be notified of the winner and designated prize. 


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Ready To Take Your Marketing Campaign To The Next Level?
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