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for your upcoming event marketing!

Hart Of The City Photo Booths
Photo & video experiences can be a powerful marketing tool that can help your business reach a larger audience, create brand recognition, and drive sales. It focuses on creating experiences that engage consumers and create a lasting impression of your brand. Whether promoting services, products or just engagement it will provide an unforgettable experience for your attendees. 

In addition to providing a fun and interactive experience for event attendees, we generate valuable marketing data!

Attendees Are Going To Want To Take Photos Of The Event, So Why Not Give Them An Interactive Tool For Producing Content For Your Brand At The Same Time?


Branded Decal Wrap

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Branded Backdrop

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Branded Props

Completely white label and brand your event from start to finish.

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Guest Data Capture

Gather data while having fun!! Attendees can input their email address, or phone number to receive a copy of their photos. By doing this, they are opting in to share their contact info with your business.
Data collection in exchange for free photos is a win-win!! The photo booth offers a fun way to interact with your brand, increasing engagement and customer base.

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Custom Surveys

We can create surveys specific to the data you want to capture from each guest.
"Did your attendees enjoy your event?" 
Understanding the opinions and perspective of your event attendees is a game changer. We offer different fields for you to choose from, such as star ratings, drop down and opt-in/out fields and more..

Event Analytics

In- depth event breakdown such as total shares, share status, views, reach and impressions. The busiest time at the booth and most viewed photo providing measurable ROI for your event. Basically lets you know how good your booth did at the event!

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AVFM  Analytics

Advanced Vision & Face-Match Analytics uses a facial recognition feature which can determine how many of the guests at the event are male vs female and also give you approximate age ranges. You'll gain better insight into your customer demographics. This will help increase your marketing list and improve your advertising strategies.

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A disclaimer screen allows you to present important terms and conditions or information about rights and permissions to use photos taken by guests. It also allows you to be GDPR complaint which protects the personal data of individuals. 

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Branded Slideshow

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Give your guests their very own 15 seconds of fame with our Live Slideshow. It’s a engaging and interactive way to display your event photos. Your guests' photos can be projected on a large screen as they are taken by your guests using our photo booth. This feature allows you to stream images to a TV or projector via a browser.

Live-Sharing Station

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Keep the lines short and the guests moving! The sharing station is a stand alone unit that downloads all the photos that are taken on your photo booth.Guests can view, share, and upload their photos along with answering survey questions.


Spin-to-Win Contest Mode 

Contest Mode is a great way to maximize engagement and increase guest participation. Adding a prize incentive for using your photo booth drive up the competition! Just let us know the prize types and quantity.  Winners will receive a automatic notification and you'll be notified of the winner and designated prize. 

Perfect for fundraisers, trade shows,and conference.


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